If you would rather deal with a real person as opposed to a web site and pay the same on line price. Please call 01522 683460 to speak with someone real.

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A B Cartridges Payment Terms For Schools, Councils, NHS, Government Funded Organisations.

  1. We gladly accept cartridge orders from Schools, Government departments, NHS Departments & Military Bases/Units on receipt of an official order, complete with an order number and details of the person placing the order, contact phone number and the delivery address required. Or if paying with Debit/Payment card over the phone without a purchase order. A Purchase order number can be put onto the invoice for the order if required.

  2. We accept payment by the following methods.

    1. Bank Transfer, our banking details are on all of our invoices.
    2. Payment card, i.e Army GPC card, Buyers debit card.
    3. Cheque
    4. Cash if calling at our warehouse in Lincoln, i.e a purchase made out of petty cash.

  3. Please call us on 01522-683460 Monday-Fridays 9.00am/5.30pm if you are government/Council funded and are not sure if you fall into any of the above criteria.